A current South Carolina Appraisers license is required to engage in professional appraisal activities in this state, as defined in S.C. Code of Laws Title 40, Chapter 60, Article 1.

A current South Carolina Appraisal Management Company registration is required to engage in appraisal management activities in this state, as defined S.C. Code of Laws Title 40, Chapter 60, Article 3.

You can check to see if an appraiser or appraisal management company is licensed in the state from the link below:

Licensee Lookup


The Real Estate Appraisers Board in South Carolina issues licenses in seven different classifications: Certified General, Certified Residential, Licensed, Apprentice, Licensed Mass, Certified Residential Mass, and Certified General Mass.

Requirements listed on South Carolina Appraiser Classifications, Criteria and Authorized Tasks:

Doc 295

Appraiser Licensing & Certification Requirements:

Doc 255

How to Apply

Apprentice – After the first 3 appraiser courses (QE1, QE2 and QE3) along with a Supervisor/Trainee course are completed, an applicant can apply for the apprentice license.  The apprentice must already have a Certified Appraiser who will supervise during the apprenticeship and the Certified Appraiser is also required to have the Supervisor/Trainee course.  Approved courses can be found on the Board’s Qualifying Education Calendar.

Doc 410

Appraisal Management Company – Must apply with the Appraisal Management Company application and supply required information as indicated on the application.  No classes or exam are required before applying.

Fee Information

Fees are biennial except where noted:

Apprentice initial or renewal - $255

Mass appraiser renewal - $255

Appraiser license/certification initial (reciprocity) or renewal - $255

Appraisal Management Company Registration - $1,000

Appraiser late penalty for renewal - $60 (July 1-31); $80 (August 1-31); $120 (After August 31 and before June 30 of the following year)

*License replacement fee - $5

*Personal name change - $5

Inactive status - $160

*Reinstatement from inactive licensed or certified appraisers - $90

*License certification - $5

*Course approval (under 15 hours) - $80

*Course approval (15 hours or more) - $160

Course approval renewal - $80

Penalty for late course renewal - $40

*Instructor approval - $160

Instructor renewal - $120

Penalty for late instructor renewal - $40

*Roster request (Appraisers or Appraisal Management Companies) - $10

*Change in appraiser classification - $60

*Appraiser equivalent continuing education approval - $40

*Bad check charge - $30 (or amount specified by law; see Section 34-11-70)

*Temporary practice permit - $120

Appraiser Federal Registry fee - $80

Appraisal Management Federal Registry fee - $25 per appraiser on panel in a given year.

*Fees listed are per application.

Paper Applications

Applications currently on website:

Appraisal Management Company Registration: Appraisal Management Company Registration Form

Appraiser Active Renewal: Appraiser Active Renewal Application Form  

Appraiser Inactive Renewal: Appraiser Inactive Renewal Application Form

Continuing Education Approval: Continuing Education Approval Form

Appraiser Apprentice: Appraiser Apprentice Permit Application

Reciprocal: Reciprocal Appraiser Application

Appraiser Reclassification: Appraiser Reclassification Application

Mass Appraiser Reclassification: Mass Appraiser Experience Log and Reclassification Application

Temporary Practice: Temporary Practice Permit Application

Appraiser Instructor Qualification (approved instructors offering additional course): Appraisers Board Instructor Qualification Application

Appraiser Provider: Appraisers Board Provider Application

Appraiser Course Approval: Appraisers Board Course Approval Application

Appraiser Instructor (new instructors): Appraisers Board Instructor Application

Distance Education Course: Distance Education Course Application

Distance Education Instructor: Distance Education Instructor Application

Forms currently on website:

Surety Bond: Surety Bond Form

Bond Claim: Bond Claim Form

Appraiser Apprentice Program Information: SC Appraiser Apprentice Program Information

Appraiser Licensing & Certification Requirements: Appraiser Licensing & Certification Requirements

PSI Candidate Information: PSI Candidate Information Bulletins

SC Appraiser Classification, Criteria and Authorized Tasks: SC Appraiser Classification

Appraiser Experience Log (Excel format): Appraisal Experience Log
  (PDF format) App raisal Experience log: 

Appraiser Experience Log Instructions: Appraisal Experience Log Instructions

Licensee List Request: Licensee List Request Form

Change of Address: Change of Address

Continuing Education Course Calendar: Continuing Education Course Calendar

Qualifying Education Course Calendar: Qualifying Education Course Calendar


Q: How many hours do I need to become Licensed?

A: One thousand hours (1,000) over a period of six (6) months of logged experience needs to be submitted in order to be eligible for Licensed status.

Q: How many hours do I need to become Certified Residential?

A: One thousand five hundred (1,500) over a period of twelve (12) months of logged experience needs to be submitted in order to be eligible for Certified Residential status.

Q: How many hours do I need to become Certified General?

A: Three thousand hours (3,000) with one thousand five hundred hours (1,500) being in nonresidential properties over a period of eighteen (18) months of logged experience needs to be submitted to be eligible for Certified General status.

Q: Do my hours accumulate?

A: Yes. For example, you completed one thousand hours (1,000) hours to become Licensed and now you want to upgrade to Certified Residential. You will need to submit an additional five hundred hours (500).

Q: I am a mass appraiser and want to use my mass hours to upgrade to a "fee" license. How many mass hours can I use?

A: You may use fifty (50) % of your mass hours towards the experience requirements. For example, you are an apprentice and want to apply for the Certified Residential level using some of your mass hours. You may use seven hundred and fifty mass hours (750) towards the required one thousand five hundred hours (1,500).

Additional Information

Any person licensed to practice as a Licensed or Certified Real Estate Appraiser by any other state or country whose requirements are determined by the Board to be commensurate with the requirements of this state, may be licensed to practice as a real estate appraiser in this state without taking the examination. Reciprocity is assessed on the individual basis and only once a complete application is submitted to the Board.

New Applicants

Electronic Applications

If you submitted your application electronically, please use the same username and password when you created your application account.

If you have forgotten your username and need to request it, use the email address you registered within the application.

Before starting the online application – download and print the forms and instructions here:

Before starting the online application - download and print the forms and instructions here.

Paper Applications

If you submitted your application by paper via mail, use the email address you entered on your paper application.
If it does not show up or you did not notate an email address, contact the Board you applied with and give them this information so you may be able to check your application status online. Ensure you have allowed 5-7 business days from
the date the Board received your application for it to be uploaded in to the system.

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Appraisers can check application status, print a copy of their license, change their address or request a verification of their license using the Agency online portal: