How to File a Complaint

Complaint/Disciplinary Information and Procedure

Complaint Procedure

A complaint against a licensee may be made to the Commission on the official online complaint form at complaining party is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary information is included on the form or attached thereto and uploaded along with the complaint.

Once the Commission receives the complaint and jurisdiction is established, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine whether or not a license law violation may have occurred. After the investigation is completed, a report is presented to an Investigative Review Committee (IRC) which recommends a course of action. The IRC could recommend dismissal of the complaint, offer of a consent agreement, or hearing before the Commission members. Complainant will be notified in writing. The complainant should be prepared to testify in a hearing before the Commission if a hearing is required and the matter has not been otherwise resolved.

Complaint/Disciplinary Information

The Commission can take disciplinary action against a licensee only if there are facts which support a charge resulting in the finding of a violation(s) of the S.C. Real Estate License Law. The Commission is not empowered to assist with the following type of complaints:

  • Contract matters such as questions about listing agreements, management agreements, sales contracts and leases for which you need to contact an attorney;
  • Earnest money or security deposit disputes that must be heard by a magistrate;
  • Disputes over payment for services either by or to a licensee;
  • Disputes with your landlord about property condition, past due rent, eviction notices and the like;
  • Complaints that do not involve a licensed real estate licensee;
  • Complaints about managers of homeowners associations; or
  • Complaints relating to licensee ethical behavior or poor business manners