All applicants must submit must submit original Surety Bonds.

Include the following documents with your application.

(1) Surety Bond ($75,000 for manufacturers, $30,000 for dealers, $15,000 for salespersons, or $5,000 for contractors, repairers and installers.

(2) Reviewed Financial Report prepared by Certified Public Accountant for Corporations & LLC’s or Compiled Financial Report for Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships.

(3) Manufacturers are required to have a financial statement reporting the net worth of the company/corporation/partnership

(4) Articles of Incorporation, if a corporation

(5) Articles of Organization, if a Limited Liability Company, or Partnership Agreement, if a partnership of any kind

(6) Proof of registration with the SC Department of Revenue, if applicable

(7) Bank and business letters of reference, if applicable

(8) Credit report

(9) SLED background check

(10) Criminal background check for every state of residence for the past 7 years (For partnerships, background check is required for each general partner)

(11) Letter of 2 years’ experience, if applicable

(12) PSI Exam Report

(13) Certificate of Completion for training

Training course for dealers and salespeople:

Training course for contractors/repairers/installers:

(14) Copy of your Driver’s License, State Issued ID or Passport for individual applicants

(15) Copy of Social Security card for individual applicants

(16) Verification of Lawful Presence Form

How To Apply

Please read application instructions before completing the application.

Complete the online application, then print, sign, date, notarize and attach all required documents and check or money order before mailing to:

S.C. Manufactured Housing Board
PO Box 11329
Columbia, SC 29211

Fee Information

Application Fees

Manufacturer $300

Retail Dealer $100

Retail Salesperson $50

Multi-Lot Salesperson $100

Contractor $100

Repairer $100

Installer $100


Can I submit copies of my documents?

No. All documents should be original. The only document copy that will be accepted is a copy of your social security card. Original documents that have been faxed or emailed will not be accepted.

How many times can I get an Apprentice License?

You can only receive an Apprentice License one time. The Apprentice License is good for 120 days.

Can I use someone else’s license or license number?

Licenses remain the property of LLR and cannot be transferred or borrowed.

How long do I have to renew my license without having to qualify as a new applicant?

A license can be renewed up to 6 months from the expiration date which is December 30th of the expiration year.

Does a contractor need a license to install a manufactured home?

Yes. Contractors who install manufactured homes in South Carolina must be licensed and bonded by the Manufactured Housing Board of the S. C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

The law requiring licensure went into effect January 1, 1997. Installers who are directly employed by retail sales centers will be licensed under their employers. Licensing is also necessary for repair persons.

To become licensed, contractors must have proof of training as approved by the Manufactured Housing Board, pass a test, pay a $50 license fee, and obtain a $5,000 surety bond.

Can a consumer take civil (legal) action and request Board action at the same time?

The short answer is yes. When the Board hears a case, any resulting action is based on the statutory and regulatory authority it is granted to govern the licensing of individuals and entitles in the manufactured housing industry. The Board determines whether the sanction of the license is necessary and what that sanction will be.

A sanction can range from a fine to suspension and even revocation. If a consumer elects to file criminal charges or seek punitive damages, he/she would have to do so via a judicial action in the courts. Since the authorities of the Board and the court system do not overlap, licensing and court actions against the same licensee may occur simultaneously.

What information about my business, employees, salespersons or myself can be released under the Freedom of Information Act?

As a licensee of the Manufactured Housing Board, any information contained on your application or supporting documentation that is required as part of the licensing process, with the exception of your social security number and information contained on your credit report, can be released if a valid freedom of information request is made.

To be valid and to get a response in writing, the request must be in writing. Requests that are received by FAX or e-mail are considered in writing and are honored.

Requests are not restricted to people in the manufactured housing industry or people who have the need to know. Any person can request information about a licensee of the Board under the Freedom of Information Act.

Additional Information

Update Applications (should you need to change any information)

Licensure by Reinstatement

Licensees that allow their license to lapse (fees are not paid by December 30th of the renewal year) must apply as a new applicant.

To apply as a new applicant, click here.

Licensure by Reciprocity is not available in this state for Manufactured Housing.