Frequently Asked Questions


Can an employer or spouse complete my license renewal?

No. Each Manufactured Housing licensee must complete his/her own renewal application and answer the personal/history questions themselves. The licensee is responsible for his/her answers and will have to attest to that during the renewal process.

How do I submit my proof of insurance and SLED report when I renew my license online?

Before you can renew your license online you must submit your bond continuation or new Surety Bond and Power of Attorney with your SLED report. You may either mail these documents, or use Document Submission on our website by logging in with your renewal information and uploading any necessary documents. Be aware that new surety bonds must be mailed with an original signature and the accompanying Power of Attorney, while bond continuations may be uploaded to the Document Submission. Please allow time for documents to be received and processed before going to the website to complete your license renewal.


Can I apply for an Apprentice License if I previously held a Salesperson’s License?

If you have held a South Carolina Manufactured Housing Salesperson’s License at any time in the past you are not eligible for an Apprentice License. The Apprentice License is given to someone who has never held a license with the Board.

Can I renew my Apprentice License?

The Apprentice License is non-renewable. This license is valid for 120 days. After 120 days the next step is to apply for a Salesperson’s License.


Can I use a previously submitted SLED Report for my license renewal?

No. SLED Reports are only valid for 30 days.

How do I get a SLED Report?

You can go to the to obtain a report.

Is there a fee for a SLED Report?

Yes. There is a twenty-five-dollar ($25) fee, payable by credit card.