Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if someone is licensed as a dietitian in South Carolina?

Anyone can verify that a person is licensed by clicking the "Licensee Lookup" link available on our site. This information is updated every 24 hours.

Must I be a Registered Dietitian in order to be eligible for a license to practice dietetics in South Carolina?

Yes.  All licensed dietitians must have a current registration issued by the Commission on Dietetic Registration before a license is issued in South Carolina.

Do I have to maintain my Registered Dietitian (RD) status with the Commission to keep my South Carolina license?

Yes. Maintaining an active Commission on Dietetics Registration is a stipulation for licensure and renewal.

When do I renew my Dietitian's license?

License renewals are due May 31 of odd numbered years.  The pocket card issued when you first obtained a license and thereafter upon renewing, displays the license expiration date.

What is the fee to renew my Dietitian's license?

If renewed by May 31 of odd numbered years $100; $150 if renewed during June.

How do I renew my Dietitian's license?

Online renewal is available by going to Renew a License. Renewal notices are sent at least 3 months prior to the due date to all licensees with instructions on how to renew online.

Do you need to have a South Carolina Dietetics' license to conduct tele-dietetics?


Can a new graduate be issued a provisional license based on being considered exam eligible by the Commission of Dietetic Registration?

No. All applicants for licensure are required to have a current Commission on Dietetic Registration in order to be granted a license to practice dietetics in South Carolina per S.C. Code of Law §40-26-60 (1).

Continuing Education

Are there continuing education requirements for license renewal?

Yes.  By maintaining a current registration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration the CE requirements for license renewal are met.  A compliance audit is conducted that randomly selects licensees that will be notified to submit to the Panel office proof of a current registration.

Scope of Practice

Do I need to have a South Carolina Dietetics’ license to conduct tele-dietetics? Yes. When the consumer is in South Carolina, the dietitian must be licensed in South Carolina; jurisdiction is based upon where the consumer is located. Practicing via tele-dietetics without an active South Carolina Dietitian license is actionable by the Board. (Board motion from June 11, 2010 Panel Meeting)

Is insulin adjustment within the scope of practice?

No. It is not within a registered dietitian’s scope of practice to adjust or take orders for insulin. (Board motion from April 10, 2019 Panel Meeting)

Is a South Carolina registered dietitian allowed to make or recommend changes to a patient’s medication?

S.C. Code of Law §40-20-20(3)(f) and (g) addresses transcribing a verbal orders into patient records for so-signature by the ordering physician and implementing a physician’s written and verbal orders which pertain to the practice of dietetics, if the practice of dietetics is specifically authorized by the medical doctor and the health care facility where the care is taking place. (Board motion from February 11, 2011 Panel Meeting)