Endorsement Applications

South Carolina is a member of the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC). Proof of successful passage of the NIC exam (theory and practical) is required.

License Verification(s) from all states where you have been licensed must be mailed or emailed directly to the Board from the licensing state. South Carolina does not have a reciprocal agreement with any state. An official license verification may be used as proof of passing the NIC exam.

It is the applicant's responsibility to contact the specific state board and ensure the examination shown is the NIC exam and reflects a passing score for both portions.

If you submit the endorsement application and acceptable proof of passing the NIC exam is not provided, you will be required to take the NIC exam before a license is issued.

RC, ES and NT Applications

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IRC, IES and INT Applications

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Examination Applications

RC, NT, and ES Examination Application

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Request to Repeat Exam Application

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Instructor Exam Application

Reinstatement Applications

Reactivation/Reinstatement Application (Cosmetology, Esthetician, Nail Technician and Instructor license Reinstatement Application)

Reinstatement Application (Salon)

Reinstatement Application (Booth Renter)

Reinstatement Application (Cosmetology School)

Salon Applications

Booth Renter Applications

The Booth Renter application is an online application that requires you to submit your payment electronically. Before starting the online application process, download the form below. You will need to upload or supply all requested information before your application can be processed.

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Establishment Applications

Salon Application and Self Inspection Forms

Salon Manager Change Application

School Applications
School Application

License Bond

Student Time Sheet Reporting Forms

The following cosmetology hour reporting forms are to be used for reporting all student enrollments and recording of student hours. This is to be done at a ratio of no more than twenty students per one instructor. All documents must contain the proper signatures, dates and correct times as required by state laws and regulations.

*Please note*

(CH-001A) This daily hour sheet should be used for school programs with full time students who sign in and out for lunch.

(CH-001B) This daily hour sheet should be used for school programs with part time students who do not take lunch breaks.

  • This form can also be used by schools to record student make-up hours.
    • These hours must be labeled as make-up hours.
    • All hours are to be recorded by the instructor providing the instruction and should include only actual classroom instruction time, minute for minute as required by the board.

Training Affidavits