The Board issues licenses, registrations, and certificates for individual pharmacists, interns, and technicians.  It is unlawful for an individual to engage in the practice of pharmacy unless currently licensed by the Board.  The Board issues the following licenses and registrations:

  • Pharmacist License
  • Pharmacy Technician Registration
  • State Certified Pharmacy Technician Registration
  • Pharmacy Intern

A permit is generally required for the sale, distribution, possession, or dispensing of drugs bearing the legend "Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without a prescription."  The Board issues the following facility permits:


  • Pharmacy
  • Non-dispensing Drug Outlet
  • Medical Gas/legend Device
  • FQHC Non Dispensing Drug Outlet
  • EMS Non-Dispensing Drug Outlet
  • 503B Outsourcing Facility


  • Non-resident Pharmacy
  • Non-Resident Wholesale/Distributor/manufacturer
  • Non-Resident Medical Gas/Legend Device
  • Non-resident Third party Logistics
  • Non Resident Outsourcing Facility
  • Non-resident Non-Dispensing pharmacy