Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a massage therapist?

You must complete 500 hours of massage therapy school and pass the National Certification Examination (prior to November 1, 2014) or the Federation of States Exam for Massage Therapy (MBLEx). Once you have done that, you may submit your application with the requested information and the appropriate fee.

If I have a massage therapy license in another state, can I become licensed in South Carolina?

If the requirements for licensure in that state are at least equal or greater than our requirements, endorsement may be granted. This includes, but is not limited to the type of examination that you passed for entry into the massage profession. South Carolina requires passage of the MBLEx as of November 1, 2014. Prior to November 1, 2014, South Carolina accepted passing exam scores from the National Certification Exam and the MBLEx. If you are granted a license, it must be renewed the following renewal cycle as everyone receives the same universal expiration date regardless of when you are initially licensed.

Once I become licensed, what is required to renew the license?

When a license is initially obtained, you will receive the expiration date for that licensing period as everyone receives the same universal expiration date. The license will need to be renewed the following renewal cycle. Licenses are renewed every even year at which time 12 hours of continuing education must be obtained. Continuing education is waived for the first renewal.

How do I know what type of continuing education classes I need to take?

You may take any class which is approved by one of the national associations, approved massage therapy schools or persons who have been approved by the Panel.

How do I inform the Panel of my continuing education (CE) classes for renewal?

All licensees are exempt from obtaining continuing education for their first renewal. Licensees must obtain 12 hours of massage CE beginning with their second renewal cycle and the CE classes must be reported to CE Broker. CE classes must be obtained during the licensing period which is July 1st of every even year - June 30th every even year. The CE is not reusable for subsequent renewal cycles. Failure to obtain CE and record it with CE Broker may require disciplinary action by the Panel.

Can I renew my license if I do not have 12 hours of CE?

You may place your license inactive. CE hours are not needed to place your license inactive (on hold), but you must pay the renewal fee to remain inactive through June 30th of the next even year renewal cycle. You will not receive a license and cannot practice or render message services while your license is inactive. In order to return to active licensure, you will be required to gain CE classes (where applicable) for each renewal period while on inactive status, if you decide to reactivate your license at a later date. You can be inactive for four (4) years.

I had a provisional license and I let it expire. Can I reinstate that license?

No, provisional licenses cannot be reinstated. Once the license expires you must meet the full licensure requirements which includes but is not limited to completion of 500 hours from a massage therapy school, and passage of the MBLEX.