1. Application $50 

2. Registration (biennial)** $130

3. Initial License (including application and licensure fee) $180

4. Biennial Renewal (every two years) $130

5. Late Charge (after June 30 thru September $50

6. Forester License Reinstatement $100 plus past renewal fees and penalties

7. Examination Fee $325 (payable to the Society of American Foresters)

8. List (Diskette/CD) $10

9. Duplicate License $3 (wallet card)

10. Verification of License $5 -- (Online Verification)

11. Name or Address Change with a new card issued $3

There is no charge for address or name changes made for the board's record only.  The charge applies if a new license card is requested.

**Initial registration fees are prorated for applications received after April 1 of the year prior to renewal (even years, 2012, 2014, etc.) and approved by the Board.  The prorated registration fee is $115. 

SLED reports can be obtain at the below link: