Q. What does a Forester do?

(A) Foresters advise landowners about management of their woodland. This includes long term care; when to cut and how to cut; advice on planting needs and what species of trees to plant, at what spacing. They advise on harvesting of timber, prepare the timber for sale and make the sale for the landowner in many cases. They buy timber for wood using industries and supervise the cutting by company crews. Many industries provide forestry services for private landowners with the stipulation that their company will have the opportunity to buy timber when harvesting is done. They advise in fire prevention and assist with suppression of wildfires and assist with many other professional activities in the development, protecting and harvesting of wood products. Many are in supervisory positions including administration.

Q. What qualifications are needed in Preparation for Registration as a Forester in South Carolina?

(A) To become a Registered Forester, you must earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry, pass the SAF Certified Forester (CF) examination, pass the South Carolina Forestry Specific Examination, and have two years of experience in professional forestry work under the supervision of a registered forester; OR have six years of experience in professional forestry work under the supervision of a registered forester, pass the SAF Certified Forester (CF) examination and pass the South Carolina Forestry Specific Examination. You will also need five professional/personal references, at least three of whom must be registered foresters with personal or professional knowledge of your forestry experience.

Q. What exams are required for licensure in South Carolina?

(A) As of January 1, 2016, individuals interested in becoming a Registered Forester by examination must take a two part examination for licensure in South Carolina.
Part One: Certified Forester (CF) Examination (150 multiple-choice questions)
Part Two: South Carolina Forestry Specific Examination (35 multiple-choice questions)

Applicants must obtain a passing score of 70% on the South Carolina Forestry Specific Examination. Applicants must obtain a scale score of 75 for passing on the CF Examination.

Q. Do you have to be registered to practice forestry in South Carolina?

(A) Yes, with very few exceptions. A landowner can do forestry work on his or her own land or a full time employee can do forestry work on the owner's land, under the owner's direction. Any person can do forestry work under supervision of a registered forester.

Q. Does South Carolina Grant Reciprocity to Foresters who are registered in other states?

(A) Yes. Reciprocity is considered for those applicants coming from states with laws compatible with South Carolina's. Foresters who have not taken and passed an equivalent examination for registration may have to take the South Carolina exam. Licensure by Reciprocity is assessed on an individual basis.

Q. How Many CFE Credits are required and at what interval?

(A) Each Registered Forester is required to acquire a total of 20 Continuing Foresters Education (CFE) credits biennially. A minimum of ten credits must be acquired in Category 1. A maximum of ten credits in categories 1-3 may be carried over for one renewal cycle. (ie. July 1, 2019- June 30, 2021).

Q. What is the Cost of Registration as a Forester?

(A) The application fee is $50 and the registration fee is $130 (two-year license fee). The registration fee is prorated for applications received after April 1st of the year prior to renewal (2016, 2018, etc.). The prorated registration fee is $65.

Q. When is the Deadline for Renewing a License?

(A) Licenses expire on June 30 every two years. However, licensees may renew until the end of September, a $50 late charge will be added for all renewals from July through September, and the forester is placed on probation until the renewal and penalties are paid. After September 30, the registration lapses and the cost of application and registration must be paid again, plus an additional $100 reinstatement fee.

Q. How Do I File a Complaint?

(A) Complaints must be filed through the online complaint form. Instructions on filing complaints are available at: Complaints.