Continuing Education

Each Registered Forester is required to acquire a total of 20 Continuing Foresters Education (CFE) credits biennially. A minimum of ten credits must be acquired in Category 1. A maximum of ten credits in categories 1-3 may be carried over for one renewal cycle.

Requirements & Deadlines

S.C. Code of Regulations 53-20. Continuing Education Requirements.

(1) Continuing Forestry Education: Each registered forester is required to meet the Continuing Education Requirements of the Board of Registration prior to registration renewal each year.

(2) Biennial Requirements: A total of 20 Continuing Forestry Education credits is required biennially, of which a minimum of 10 must be in Category 1.

(3) CFE Credit Categories:

Category 1- Core Education

Category 2- Related Education

Category 3- Professional Development and Volunteer Activities

(4) Reports and Records: Each registrant shall report on a form provided by the Board, the activities undertaken to meet the requirements for Continuing Forestry Education.

The registrant shall maintain a file of documentation for activities for a period of 5 years after the date of the program. Such documentation shall be provided to the Board of Registration upon request.

(5) Approval of Activities:

(a) Any activity approved for CFE credit by the Society of American Foresters Continuing Forestry Education Program.

(b) An activity documentation may be submitted to the Board of Registration for Foresters for approval. The Board may rely on a committee of registered foresters chosen by the Board for determination or may rely on credit granted by other organizations. In any case the decision by the Board will be final.

(6) Non Compliance: An individual who does not meet the CFE requirements shall be placed on a probationary status for 6 months. Failure to complete the requirements during that period will result in cancellation of registration and prohibition from practicing forestry in South Carolina.

(7) Reinstatement to Active Registration: An individual wishing to have registration restored must complete the following requirements for continuing Forestry Registration in addition to other requirements required by the Board.

(a) Registration lapse of 1-3 years: Complete the CFE requirements for a minimum of one year prior to application for registration.

(b) Registration lapse of 4-10 years: Complete the current CFE requirements for a minimum of two years credits during the 18 months preceding the application for reinstatement.

(c) Registration lapse of 11 or more years: Completion of the examination required for initial licensing.

(8) Waivers: Any individual may request in writing a waiver of the requirements by the Board. If, in the judgment of the Board, the waiver is justified, it may be granted on a yearly basis.

(9) New Registrants: An individual registered during a year will be required to meet CFE requirements for renewal following the first renewal after initial registration.

(10) Carry-over Credits: A maximum of 10 credits in categories 1-3 may be carried over for one year, except that award of a CFE certificate by the Society of American Foresters may qualify for the individual's CFE requirement for two following years.

(11) Exemptions:

(a) Individuals registered to practice forestry in another state and who meet Continuing Forestry Education requirements for that state equal to or greater than those in South Carolina.

(b) Periods of time the individual is serving on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States for periods longer than 180 consecutive days.

(c) Licensees experiencing physical disability, illness, other extenuating circumstances as reviewed and approved by the board may be exempt. A waiver form that includes supporting documentation must be furnished to the board thirty (30) days in advance of the renewal period.

(d) Individual who are at least sixty (60) years old and have thirty (30) or more years of licensed experience may request a waiver of the continuing education requirement by submitting a waiver form to the Board.