Board News

  • Updated Exam Study Material

    On May 1, 2017, the Board adopted the Association of Boards of Certifications new standardized exams for Biological Wastewater, Water Treatment and Water Distribution.

    For more information on testing centers, study reference materials and time extensions and fees, please look over All About The Exams (pdf).

  • Online Applications Are Now Available

    You can now submit applications online! Online applications are a fast, easy, and secure way to submit for certification to the board.

    Please visit: to start the application process.

  • Administration Citations

    New Process-Administrative citations have been authorized by the Environmental Certification Board pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws Ann. §40-23-95 (1976, as amended). These administrative citations for unlicensed practice and aiding and abetting unlicensed practice may be issued by the LLR Office of Investigation and Enforcement (OIE).