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Notice for Technology Degree Graduates

2024-2026 Individual Renewal Form

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Application for Adding Discipline to PE Record

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Online/Electronic Verifications

Manual Verification Form $5 fee required
(Use ONLY if State Board does not participate in the NCEES Online Verification System)

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EIT/LSIT Certification

Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Certification Instructions

* These forms must be completed and submitted to the Board as part of the online application process.

EIT Certification Online Application

Surveyor-in-Training (LSIT) Qualifications

Surveyor-in-Training (LSIT) Certification Application

**Please note EIT/LSIT Certification is for SC exam candidates only. SC must have been your designated exam state when taking the FE/FS exam.


Temporary Licenses for Professional Engineers and Firms


Professional Engineers Individual Licensure by Comity

Tier A Professional Surveyors Individual Licensure by Comity


Reinstatement of Professional Engineers/Surveyors Individual Licenses


Firm Licensure to Provide Engineering and/or Surveying services (Certificate of Authorization (COA)

Reinstatement of Firm Licenses (Certificate of Authorization (COA)

Amended Certificate of Authorization (COA)(used to make changes to your firm registration, i.e., address, engineer/surveyor in charge, branch)

Examination Applications

(Professional Engineer and Tier A Professional Surveyor)

Examination Information

Application for Early Professional Engineer (PE) Exam Without Work Experience

Early PE Exam Application

Application for Early Professional Surveyor (PS) Exam Without Work Experience

Early PS Exam Application

Application for Professional Engineer by Exam

Professional Engineer by Exam

Application Tier A Professional Surveyor by Exam

Tier A Professional Surveyor by Exam