• All fees are non-refundable.
  • Required fees must be submitted as appropriate and must be in the form of a check or money order.
  • The Board assumes no responsibility for currency sent through the mail.
  • Check must be made out for the correct amount only or it will be returned with the application for re-issuance.
  • Any check which is presented to the board as payment for any fee and which is returned unpaid may be cause for denial of a license or for imposing a sanction authorized by the Practice Act.

Initial License Application Fee

Audiologist $200
Audiologist Intern $100
Speech-Lang Pathologist $200
Speech-Lang Pathologist Intern $100
Speech-Lang Pathologist Assistant $40

Biennial Renewal Fee

Audiologist $140
Audiologist Inactive $90
Speech-Lang Pathologist $140
Speech-Lang Pathologist Inactive $90
Speech-Lang Pathologist Assistant $30
Audiologist/Speech-Lang Pathologist Intern $100

Reinstatement Fee $50.00 (for renewals received after March 31 but before May 1)

Audiologist $210
Speech-Lang Pathologist $210
Speech-Lang Pathologist Assistant $90

Reactivation of an Inactive License $120.00

Upgrade Fee

Intern to Active License $220

Miscellaneous Fees

Request license verifications online at https://verify.llronline.com.

License Verification to Another State Board $5
Change in Supervision $25
Name Change and a New License $10
Duplicate License $10
Duplicate Certificate $10
Returned Check Charge $30
Licensee List $10 (download form)