Frequently Asked Questions

1. If a Speech-Language Pathologist is licensed with the Board, must they adhere to licensure requirements regardless of practice settings? 

Answer: Yes, all licensees must adhere to all Board licensure requirements regardless of the practice setting.

2. Are licensed school-based Speech-Language Pathologists exempt from licensure in the provision of Medicaid services?

Answer: All questions related to billing concerns would need to be address to the third pay parties. The board does not answer questions related to billing.

3. If licensed individuals working in the school setting are providing supervision, are they held to the same Board requirements for supervision if they are supervising someone who is not licensed?

Answer: No, while the licensed supervising individual must adhere to any provision as required by the Board for supervising licensed individuals, there are no licensure provisions for licensed individuals who are supervising unlicensed individuals. Specifically, the Board's licensure provision only provides for licensed Speech-Language Pathologist supervision of licensed Speech-Language Pathology Assistants (Regulation 115-3).

4. Under the Board's definitions in S.C. Code Ann. § 40-67-20, does the term "speech-language therapist” fall under the phrase "any similar variation of these terms” in S.C. Code Ann. § 40-67-20(11) and (14) because the service or function they perform is, in fact, under the prescription, supervision, and direction  of a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist?

Answer: Yes - (see S.C. Code Ann. § 40-67-20(11) and (14).  

5. Where may I find telepractice FAQ?

Answer: please click here.