Continuing Education

When a licensee applies for renewal, the licensee shall affirm that all continuing education requirements have been met BEFORE renewing the license. Licensees must acquire commission-approved continuing education of at least eight (8) hours within the previous licensing period. Continuing education is not required of apprentice auctioneers and auction firm license holders unless the owner or manager is a licensed auctioneer.

Approved Continuing Education

Approved Continuing Education Sources

Continuing Education courses provided by the Accredited Schools are approved for credit.

Continuing Education courses approved by the reciprocal states’ auctioneering licensing bodies are approved for credit.

Continuing Education courses sponsored by the South Carolina Auctioneers Association, National Auctioneers Association, the Certified Auctioneers Institute, and any course approved by the SC Real Estate Commission are approved for credit


Q. Does the Commission require Continuing Education to renew?
A. Yes. You need eight hours of commission-approved CE every two years.

Q. Do I have to send CE documentation to the Commission?
A. No, do not send any documentation of continuing education (CE) to the Commission office. All CE must be reported to CE Broker. To set up you free account with CE Broker, visit their website at

Q. Does the Commission accept continuing education from other states?
A. Generally, CE approved by a reciprocal state licensing board will be accepted by S.C. However, the CE must be obtained during the appropriate time.

CE Broker