Forms and Applications

Instructions for Completion of Application by Reciprocity

NCARB Council Record

All applicants for licensure by reciprocity must hold a Certificate of qualification issued by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). Please have NCARB transmit your Council Record to the Board Office electronically. You can request to have your NCARB Council Record transmitted by linking to their website, then click on "My NCARB" and follow the instructions for record transmittals.

Board Application and Fees

Complete the Board's Reciprocity Application and submit it directly to the Board office.

Application/Registration Fee $165.

Make check payable to "LLR - Architectural Board”.

Send the completed Board application and the $165 application/registration fee to the Board office for processing (see address below). Your application will be held pending receipt of your NCARB Council Record.

S.C. Board of Architectural Examiners
Post Office Box 11419
110 Centerview Drive (29210)
Columbia, S.C. 29211-1419

Review Procedures

When your application packet is complete, the Administrator will review it within 5 working days.

Firm Registration

Pursuant to Section 40-3-270 of the South Carolina Architectural Registration Law, firms engaged in the practice of architecture must be licensed by this Board. Only an architect practicing in his or her own name who does not employ another architect is exempt from this requirement. For example, John Doe, Architect, would not be required to register as a firm. However, John Doe, Architects, or John Doe Associates, or Doe Associates or similar firm names would be required to register as an architectural firm.
If you wish to license your company, see firm instructions and applications.

Please Take Note of the Following:

  • Firms offering architectural services in South Carolina also must be licensed, as explained above, and must have a seal.
  • See Section 40-3-280 and Regulation 11-11 of the Architectural Registration Law for information on sealing design documents and sample seals.
  • Continuing Education is required for license renewal.
  • Your individual license in South Carolina expires biennially on June 30. Late renewal fees are charged after July 1. Renewal notices are mailed in May to your address of record.
  • South Carolina does not grant temporary licenses.