The following biennial fee schedule may be adjusted, but not exceed amounts specified:

Apprentice appraiser permit:$255.00
Apprentice appraiser permit renewal:$255.00
Mass appraiser renewal:$255.00
Appraiser license/certification:$250.00
Appraiser license/certification renewal:$250.00
Appraisal Management Company registration:
Appraisal Management Company renewal:
Late penalty for renewal of registration status: (July 1 through June 30 - per month) $80.00
Late penalty for renewal of license/certification/inactive status:
July 1 through July 31:$60.00
August 1 through August 31:$80.00
After August 31 and before next renewal period:$120.00
Permit/license/certification replacement fee (per application):$5.00
Personal name change (per application):$5.00
Inactive status :$160.00
Reinstatement from inactive licensed or certified appraiser:$90.00
Attestation of license/certification (per request):$5.00
Course approval (under 15 hours) (per application):$80.00
Course approval (15 hours or more) (per application):$160.00
Course approval renewal:$80.00
Penalty for late course renewal:$40.00
Instructor approval (per application):$160.00
Instructor approval renewal:$120.00
Penalty for late instructor renewal:$40.00
Appraisers or Appraisal Management Company roster (per request):$10.00
Change in appraiser classification (per application):$60.00
Appraiser equivalent continuing education approval (per application):$40.00
Bad check charge (per occurrence)
(or amount specified by law; see Section 34-11-70):
$30.00 (or amount specified by law; see Section 34-11-70)
Temporary practice permit (per application):$120.00
In addition to the fees listed above, an annual Federal Registry
Transmittal established by Public Law 101-73, Title XI, Real Estate Appraisal Reform Amendments will be charged for all licenses and certifications.
An annual Appraisal Management Federal Registry Transmittal fee from registered appraisal management companies and federally regulated appraisal management companies in the amount determined by the Appraisal Subcommittee of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council shall be collected biennially.