An applicant for upgrade to a Licensed Appraiser, Licensed Mass Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser, Certified Residential Mass Appraiser, Certified General Appraiser or Certified General Mass Appraiser must pass the appropriate State Examination.

No examination required for Appraisal Management Companies.

Requirements & Exam Registration

Prior to application submission, applicants must complete required appraisal courses, complete the required experience and supply proof of degree where required.

Once documentation is reviewed and approved by Board staff, we will notify PSI once an applicant has been approved to take the examination. An eligibility letter will be mailed to the applicant with instructions to contact PSI.


Q. How do I sign up to take an appraiser exam?

A. All individuals applying for examination to upgrade to a Licensed or Certified Appraiser must first meet all the education and experience requirements (see licensure information) before applying to the Board for examination. Once all education and experience has been approved, exam eligibility will be issued. 

Q. Who do I contact once I receive exam eligibility from the Board?

A. Once an exam eligibility letter is received, it will instruct you to contact PSI to schedule the exam.

Q. Where can I find information concerning the exam?

A. PSI Candidate Information Bulletin:


Additional Information

Any person licensed to practice as a Licensed or Certified Real Estate Appraiser by any other state or country whose requirements are determined by the Board to be commensurate with the requirements of this state, may be licensed to practice as a real estate appraiser in this state without taking the examination. Reciprocity is assessed on the individual basis and only once a complete application is submitted to the Board.