Behavioral Telehealth

Telehealth Registrant List

Section 40-63-35 of the Social Workers’ practice act defines “behavioral telehealth” and authorizes Independent Social Workers-CP who hold an active license in another state to provide these services, to also provide these services using telehealth to a client located in this State, if the individual registers with the Board.

Registration is required only for out-of-state licensed social workers with an equivalent credential to an LISW-CP who are not licensed by the State of South Carolina, who wish to provide telehealth services within their scope of practice to a client residing in this State.

Registrants MAY NOT provide in-person services to a client in South Carolina or open a South Carolina office.

This registration is valid ONLY if your out-of-state license remains active and in good standing.

To apply, click the link below to access the electronic application. Please download the Verification of Lawful Presence Form and complete. This will be needed to complete your application.