Board News

  • Clarification of Continuing Education Requirements

    The South Carolina Board of Examiners in Opticianry has recently issued a clarification regarding the continuing education requirements. Per S.C. Code of Law 40-38-260(B) “An optician or apprentice annually shall attend a minimum of four hours of continuing education courses or meetings.”

    The Board has clarified that all licensees must complete the required four (4) hours for Opticians and Registered Apprenticeship and the one (1) hour for Contact Lens Distribution licenses on an annual basis. Licensees will attest to the completion of the hours on the biennial renewal form. 

    Example: Current Opticianry license expiration date 10/01/2021.

    CE Hours Required 10/02/2019-10/01/2020: four (4) hours

    CE Hours Required 10/02/2020-10/01/2021: four (4) hours 

    Example: Current Contact Lens Dispensing license expiration date 10/01/2021.

    CE Hours Required 10/02/2019-10/01/2020: one (1) hour

    CE Hours Required 10/02/2020-10/01/2021: one (1) hour 

    Failure to attain the number of hours required annually and/or the total number of hours required biennially for license renewal may result in Board action and additionally may affect renewal of the license. For additional CE Information, please visit the Board website at

  • The Board of Examiners in Opticianry has proposed changes to the SC Code of Regulations, Chapter 96 regarding examinations and apprenticeships.  The intent of the regulation change is to clarify the number of times applicants for licensure may take the competency and practical exams and when they may take them, to establish requirements for apprenticeships including describing the parameters for full-time and part-time programs, establishing requirements and time lines for evaluation forms which must be completed, signed by the apprentice and the sponsor, and submitted to the Board to provide sufficient proof of training; providing the criteria which the Board will consider in approving an apprenticeship, among other things. Interested parties can view the proposed changes on the State House website by clicking on the following link and typing in 4925 at Both the Senate Medical Affairs Committee and the House Regulations and Administrative Procedures Committee will consider the proposed regulation during the 2020 legislative session which begins Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Be sure to check the State House website calendar each Friday afternoon after 3:00 p.m. for the committees’ meeting schedules.

  • SC Practical Examination

    The SC Board of Examiners in Opticianry has a finalized the adoption of the ABO Virtual Practical commencing in January, 2020. The cost for each Virtual Practical Examination is $75. Applicants applying for initial licensure must submit an application to the Board prior to being made eligible to take the Virtual Practical Examination. For additional information regarding the Virtual Practical Exam, please visit or contact, or 703.719.5800.

  • Board Seat Election

    The election for the two open board seats is now closed. Per S.C. Code of Law §40-38-10, nominees will be sent to the Governor's office for review and official appointment.