License Requirements:

A volunteer license may be issued by the board without fee to a retired nurse who has been granted inactive status and who has practiced not less than twenty-five years or until age sixty-five after a minimum of fifteen years of practice and who wishes to donate nursing services through a charitable organization approved by the board, if the retired nurse files proper application on a form provided by the board satisfactorily demonstrating that not less than twenty-five hours of initial training with the charitable organization has been completed and that the retired nurse has been on the official inactive status list for not more than ten years.

A volunteer license authorizes the retired nurse to provide services to others without remuneration of any kind through one specifically identified organization only. A volunteer license is not transferable. A separate application must be filed and a separate license must be issued for every charitable organization to which the retired nurse wishes to donate nursing services. A volunteer license may be renewed annually upon application and satisfactory demonstration of not less than twenty-five hours of service or additional training during the preceding year with the same charitable organization. A volunteer license may be renewed annually for an indefinite number of years, if the license has been renewed annually without interruption with the same charitable organization and all other qualifications have been met.