Schedule Amusement Ride Inspections

A valid permit is required annually in order for amusement ride owners to legally operate amusement devices in the state of South Carolina.

It is a violation South Carolina State law to operate amusement rides without a valid permit.


Scheduling of amusement device inspections is the responsibility of the amusement ride owner. Please contact the State Inspector for the territory in which your amusement device is located.

State Inspectors

Amusement Ride Permits

According to State law, all itineraries, valid certificates of insurance, and testing/manufacture documentation must be submitted to the Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides 10 days before the first intended date of use. SC Regulation 71-4610.

Permit to operate an amusement ride device is attained upon a successfully passed annual inspection. Each Permit expires on December 31st of each year.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to our Chief Investigator Robert Maxwell:

1.      Certificate of Insurance including

  • A List or attachment the General Liability Schedule Display List. Please list ride name and serial number of device covered under this policy.
  • List or attach the 30 Day Cancellation Clause.
  • List the General Liability Deductible amount.
  • Certificate Holder shall state:

SC Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation

Attn: Duane Scott

PO Box 11329

Columbia SC 29211-1329

2.       SC paperwork with a state ID numbers as applies:

3.       “ASTM” American Society for Testing and Materials Letter (as applies). SC Regulation 71-4600.

4.       “NDT” Non-Destructive Testing Reports (as applies) List of Rides Required to have Non-Destructive Testing in South Carolina. SC Regulation 71-4300.

5.       Visual Testing Reports (as applies) SC Regulation 71-4300

6.       Once this information is submitted, you well be sent a userID and password that will give you access to your online account so that you can pay your permit fees.

If more specific information is required, you will be contacted by our Chief Investigator.


If you have new devices or have not previously operated your devices in the state of South Carolina, you must contact the state inspector in the territory where the new device(s) is located in order to receive a new state ID number for each device.


Amusement Ride/Device Permit Fee: $50/device

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