Schedule Annual Elevator Inspections

All elevator owners are responsible for personally calling a special inspector from the list of special inspectors for elevators to schedule the annual elevator inspection.


Scheduling of annual elevator inspections is the responsibility of elevator owners, which includes selecting contacting the special inspector for elevators of your choice to perform the annual inspection.

Annual Certificate of Operation for normal operation of elevators, lifts, and escalators.

Special Inspectors Listings

How to Apply

Annual Certificate of Operation

  1. Contact a special inspector from our list of special inspectors to set up an annual elevator inspection.
  2. Once your elevator is inspected, please be sure to provide your accurate mailing and email addresses so that our office can send you your Report of Inspection, Certificate Fee Invoice, and Abatement Form (only if your elevator failed inspection.)
  3. If the annual inspection failed, correct each violation, fill out your Abatement Form and email/mail it to our office.
  4. You will receive your Report of Inspection and abatement form via the email address you provided to our inspectors. Your invoice will be mailed within 3-5 business days. Please make sure that you provide your inspector with your updated email and mailing addresses for accurate and expedient service.
  5. Pay certificate fees and complete abatement forms via the Elevator Web Portal. (UserID and Passwords are located on the abatement form and invoice) or by mailing a physical check or abatement form to our office.

*Note if your abatement form is not filled out COMPLETELY, it will not be approved for processing.

Fee Information

Annual Elevator Operating Certificate Fee: $50 per unit.

Note: Each special inspector is a state certified independent contractor who is employed by a third party elevator servicing company. You will receive a separate invoice from the company with whom your special inspector is employed.

Paper Applications

Violation Correction Form

You may also complete this form electronically in the Elevator Web Portal.