Information Regarding In-Person Continuing Education Classes

***5/27/2020*** Continuing education providers who were previously approved by the Board to teach in-person continuing education classes may continue to offer those Board-approved courses until December 31, 2020, through an inter-active, real-time internet platform in accord with the guidelines posted below and provided to each in-person continuing education provider, including providing notice to the Board of your intent to provide the class via this platform, and providing the program access information to the Board PRIOR to offering the program.

CE providers, if you were previously approved by the Board to teach in-person continuing education classes, during the time of the current public health emergency you may offer those Board-approved courses on the class dates previously submitted to the Board as shown on the Board website, through an interactive real-time internet platform.

Guidelines for offering these in-person classes through the internet have been emailed to the continuing education providers, and can also be obtained by contacting the Board office at LLR. In-person classes offered in accordance with these guidelines during the public health emergency qualify for meeting the required in-person continuing education hours. This does not affect how the approved providers of on-line CE offer their classes.

This does NOT change the number of hours of required in-person and on-line CE hours required for license renewal. Licensees must still obtain at least 6 of the required 12 CE hours through qualified in-person continuing education classes, which can be obtained during the period of public emergency over the internet as set out above.


The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology received notice that Professional Credential Services (PCS) and PSI have determined that for purpose of public safety, it is necessary to postpone the upcoming Practical and Theory Examinations in South Carolina until further notice. The Board is committed to working with the testing service providers regarding applicants who are reaching or would have missed their 24-month testing window due to exam site closures. Please contact PCS at if you have any questions or concerns about the theory and practical exams.

At its special called meeting on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology granted CE providers the ability to cancel or postpone CE classes without penalty with less than 45 days’ notice during the current health emergency. The Board approved schools to utilize distance learning platforms for up to 25% of the required hours for each program over a 10-week timeframe during the current health emergency. Lastly, the Board voted to postpone the launch of the new NIC esthetics exam until July 1, 2020.

The Board is continuing to monitor the challenges presented by COVID-19 (coronavirus) as the situation progresses, and will provide additional guidance in regards to issues that may emerge, as circumstances warrant.

In regards to the sanitary procedure for salons in light of COVID-19, the Board advises that salons must continue to follow the current Board statutes and regulations pertaining to salon safety and sanitation, and should follow any directives from the Governor, or other local authority, regarding the closure or operation of a salon. Additionally the Board suggests that salons review and be familiar with federal OSHA and CDC information regarding COVID-19 and the workplace, businesses and employees.

Federal OSHA has published Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 to help companies respond in the event of coronavirus in the workplace. The CDC has also provided Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers.