Renew My License

2023-2025 Modular Building Program renewals are now open. The renewal deadline is June 30, 2023.

Renew My Registration Online


2023-2025 Modular Building Manufacturer Renewal Fee:

    $600 if producing 1-24 units per 12 months
    $1,600 if producing 25 or more units per 12 months

2023-2025 Modular Building Manufacturer's Representative Renewal Fee: $200

2023-2023 Modular Third Party Inspection Agency Renewal Fee: $200

Document Submission

Please use this link to submit the following documentation, as applicable, to renew your registration for 2023-2025. Failure to submit the required CE documentation, in addition to the online renewal application, by June 30, 2023, will result in your registration not being renewed.

  1. Surety Bond
    • For Modular Building Manufacturers and Modular Building Manufacturer's Representatives, if your surety bond is not current through 6/30/2023, please submit a bond continuation for the existing bond on file, or submit a new bond with the surety company's Power of Attorney.
  2. Legal Name Change
    • For Modular Building Manufacturer's Representatives, if you have had a legal name change since your last application please submit any applicable legal documentation with your renewal application (marriage certificate, divorce decree, court documentation, etc.).
  3. List of all supervised Modular Building Manufacturers:
    • For Third Party Inspection Agencies, please submit the required list of supervised Modular Building Manufacturers and their license numbers.
  4. List of all plan reviewers and inspectors:
    • For Third Party Inspection Agencies, please submit an updated list of those plan reviewers and inspectors on staff, to include the construction-oriented registered professional engineer and/or architect on staff, which are responsible for ensuring compliance with the SC Modular Building Program's regulations.