Frequently Asked Professional Practice Questions

1. On individual and corporate seals, the city and state are to be put in the inner circle. Is that the city where I live or where I work?

A. For the individual seal, you need to indicate the city and state in which you reside; for the corporate seal, indicate city and state where the company is located.

2. What are the requirements for sealing design documents in South Carolina?

A. Seal Requirements.

3. I am a licensed architect and I have my own licensed firm. I am also an employee of a company where I advise other architects and their firms. The company does not provide architectural services and is not licensed as a firm. How do I seal drawings, on behalf of my employer, if needed? Should the drawings be done as a sole proprietor or through my personal firm?

A. In order to protect your firm and the employer, the design services and tasks that are separate from the responsibilities defined in the job description should be established. This will distinguish expectations, as well as, prevent overlapping responsibilities. Keep separate timesheets to document and differentiate the personal firm's work from the work being performed for the employer. Request the employer provide a written statement outlining acceptance of your offering design services for compensation that differs from the compensation you receive as an employee.