Frequently Asked Firm Renewal Questions

  1. When are firm renewals mailed?
  2. A. Renewal forms are no longer mailed; a reminder notice to renew is mailed in July.

  3. Can a firm renew online?
  4. A. Yes. Architectural firms will be able to renew their license online at Online Renewals beginning June 4th.

  5. Can I renew by a paper renewal form?
  6. A. If you absolutely cannot renew online, please go to the Board website at Board of Architectural Examiners to download the 2021 Firm Renewal Application.

  7. What is the licensure period for firms?
  8. A. The biennial licensure period is September 1 - August 31. Certificates of Authorization issued to firms expire biennially on August 31 of odd years.

  9. Where do I mail the renewal?
  10. A. Renewals can be mailed to Post Office Box 11419, Columbia, SC 29211-1419 or sent by UPS/Federal Express to 110 Centerview Drive, Kingstree Building, Columbia, SC 29210.

  11. Can I pay my renewal fee by credit card?
  12. A. Only if you renew online.

  13. Does the Board have an inactive status for Certificate of Authorizations?
  14. A. The Board does not have a formal "inactive" classification. If you wish to place your Certificate of Authorization on a "lapsed status," contact the Board by e-mail at and indicate in the subject line, "do not wish to renew". Please include company name and license number when making this request.

  15. How can I reactivate a Certificate of Authorization that has expired?
  16. A. The firm’s Certificate may be renewed at any time during the remainder of the biennial renewal period on payment of the renewal fee plus late penalty of $50.00 during the first thirty days and an additional $100.00 thereafter during the first year. If an individual or firm fails to renew within one year from the date of expiration, the certificate may be reissued upon submission of a new application accompanied by the application fee and approval by the board.

  17. If I renew by paper, to whom do I make the check payable?
  18. A. Check should be made payable to "LLR -Architectural Board."

  19. How do I notify the Board of a company name change?
  20. A. If you have a company name change (not a company structure change), please contact and indicate "company name change" in the subject line before renewing online. Once the change has been confirmed by e-mail, you may renew the firm license online. Note: If an out-of-state or in-state firm seeks to register under a name referring to persons rather than a trade name, the persons referred to in the firm's name must be licensed as individual architects, engineers, land surveyors or landscape architects in this state or in another state or jurisdiction. If you are adding an individual's name(s), please include the full name, state of registration and type of license currently held. If the person you are adding is not registered as stated above, please contact the Board office.

  21. How do I notify the Board that the company has a structure change?
  22. A. If you have a structure change, (i.e., company changes from a partnership to a corporation) you must file a new application with the Board. Please contact and indicate "structure change" in the subject line. Include the firm name, license number and the new structure of the company. A registration packet for the new firm will be e-mailed to you.

  23. How do I notify the Board that the company has had a change in the Architect in Responsible Charge?
  24. A. If you wish to change the architect in responsible charge, he/she must be a currently licensed architect in South Carolina. Please e-mail changes to and indicate "change architect in responsible charge" in the subject line prior to renewing online. Once the change has been made by the Board office, you will be notified by e-mail that you can renew the firm license online.

    Note: Please be aware that if you serve as the designated architect in responsible charge, you must renew your individual license prior to the firm licensure renewal deadline of August 31 or another architect licensed in South Carolina must be designated as the architect in responsible charge. Corporate renewals cannot be processed unless the architect in charge is currently licensed.

  25. What are the current renewal fees for firm renewals?
  26. A. Biennial renewal fees for firms are as follows:

    • $185 if fee is received by August 31st.
    • Late Penalties for Firm Renewals

    • Renewed September 1, 2021 - September 31, 2021, fee is $235. Renewed October 1, 2021 – October 31, 2021, fee is $335.
  27. Does the Board waive late penalties?
  28. A. No.