Certifications Required

To qualify for registration as a code enforcement officer, an individual must be certified by a nationally recognized entity. The examination for certification for all individuals registered in the Provisional Classifications will be paid by the Council. The Council may also pay for additional examinations to advance to a higher classification within the registrants job description.

Building Official CBO or
CBO Legal and Management, and CBO Technology
Commercial Inspector Commercial Building Inspector
Commercial Electrical Inspector
Commercial Mechanical Inspector
Commercial Plumbing Inspector
Residential Inspector Residential Building Inspector
Residential Plumbing Inspector
Residential Mechanical Inspector
Residential Electrical Inspector
Commercial Plans Examiner Building Plans Examiner
Plumbing Plans Examiner
Mechanical Plans Examiner
Electrical Plans Examiner
Residential Plans Examiner Residential Plans Examiner
Building Inspector Commercial Building Inspector
Electrical Inspector Commercial Electrical Inspector
Mechanical Inspector Commercial Mechanical Inspector
Plumbing Inspector Commercial Plumbing Inspector