May 2009

Mitchell Tibshrany Earns Southern Zone Distinguished Service Award

Mitchell Tibshrany Earns Southern Zone Distinguished Service Award
Mitchell Tibshrany, left, receives congratulations from current S.C. Board chairman Gene Dinkins.

Mitchell S. Tibshrany, Jr., PE, was awarded the Distinguished Service Award at the NCEES Southern Zone meeting in New Orleans, La., on May 16, 2009. This honor caps Tibshrany's 12-year service to the South Carolina Board of Professional Engineers and Surveyors and to NCEES as a Board member.

Tibshrany served as chairman of the South Carolina Board from 2000 to 2002 and from 2004 to 2006, as Secretary of the Board 1996-1998, and as vice chairman. During his tenure on the Board, he was instrumental in decisions regarding budget issues, policy issues, and disciplinary/investigative matters, and he worked to ensure that licensees in South Carolina were represented at regional and national meetings and on NCEES committees. He was elected Southern Zone vice president in 2005. He worked to ensure development of Zone leadership, smooth transition of elected officers, and appointment of committee members who would provide substantive involvement and make objective, sound recommendations and decisions on issues. As a member of the NCEES Board of Directors, he provided leadership as the Council implemented changes to solidify its foundation of support from state Boards and other constituencies.

Tibshrany worked tirelessly during his years on the South Carolina Board to establish a joint engineering degree between South Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina. When implemented, this "Ambassadorship Program" will afford engineering technology students at S.C. State University the opportunity to achieve the equivalent of an accredited degree in engineering by completing specific coursework at the University of South Carolina. Tibshrany continues in his role of "Ambassador" for the Board as he hammers out the agreement details between the two schools' engineering programs.

Tibshrany promoted faculty licensure based on his strong belief that professors should set an example for students by becoming licensed. His work with ASCE in developing guidelines for accepting advanced degrees as work experience equivalencies resulted in adoption of model requirements for faculty licensure.

Mr. Tibshrany has given much to the engineering profession, not only as an electrical engineer with a distinguished career, but also as a hard-working member of the South Carolina Board, a dedicated NCEES volunteer at the Zone and national levels, as a leader in professional associations, and a generous supporter of others who also wished to serve.

The South Carolina Board of Professional Engineers and Surveyors congratulates Mitchell S. Tibshrany, Jr. on this well-deserved honor!