May 2007

Photo from SC State HouseProposed Legislation

After consulting with many groups, the Board finalized proposed legislation that provides for a limited period of time a license pathway for individuals who hold an engineering technology degree and who have a certain number of years of experience. This is only one of the goals of the legislation. We invite you to review the proposed language on the Board's Web site along with the "InfoSheet” that explains the changes being proposed. S. 633 is the Senate bill number; H. 3722 is the House bill.

Board member Mitchell Tibshrany worked closely with the Board of Trustees of South Carolina State University and President Hugine to reach a consensus on a fair and equitable alternative licensing procedure for engineering technology graduates. Please see Section 40-22-222 of the legislation for the proposed procedure.

Other changes proposed in the bill:

There are several small changes for clarity, updating and "clean up.” We welcome your comments by e-mail to Administrator Jan Simpson.