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South Carolina Contractor's Licensing Board

Board News

  • 2019-2021 Mechanical Contractor’s license renewals will begin on July 22, 2019.

  • Solar Panel Installer Notice

  • Surety Bonds: The South Carolina Contactor’s Licensing Board can now accept a surety bond in lieu of a financial statement for both renewals and initial applications. An applicant can provide a surety bond in the amount of two (2) times the net worth requirement for the Group Level applied for. For example a General Contractor Group 5 would require a surety bond in the amount of $500,000. The new law can be viewed here: Statute 40-11-262; the net worth requirements can be found here: Statute 40-11-260. You should check with an insurance provider to find out if they have the ability to write the bond based on the requirements of the statute. Download and provide the approved: Surety Bond Form for General Contractors / Surety Bond Form for Mechanical Contractors to the insurance company for completion, to be submitted along with their power of attorney form. The Surety Bond Claim Form can be found here.


    Enforcement of S.C. Code Ann. §40-11-270 (B) and (C) requiring the conspicuous display of your mechanical license at your principal place of business, and the prominent display of your mechanical license number on all commercial vehicles, invoices, and proposal forms used by a licensed mechanical contractor is EFFECTIVE 05/25/2018. Regulation 29-13 provides the specifications as follows:

    Regulation 29-13. Mechanical Contractors-Air Conditioning, Heating and Packaged Equipment.

    1. Each contractor licensed in these mechanical contractors sub classifications shall conspicuously display the mechanical contractor license issued to it by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation in an area accessible to the public at the contractor’s principal place of business.
    2. Each contractor licensed in these mechanical contractor sub classifications shall prominently display its mechanical contractor license number issued to it by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation on all vehicles used exclusively by the contractor in the daily operation of its business. The license number shall be a minimum of two (2) inch high letters and numbers, on a contrasting background, displayed on both sides of the vehicle.
    3. Each invoice and proposal form for these licensed mechanical contractor sub classifications shall contain the mechanical contractor license number issued by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.
  • Natural Gas Piping
    Acting upon a request by the Contractors’ Licensing Board Staff, an interpretation by the South Carolina Contractors’ Licensing Board, at its July 21, 2016 meeting, instructed staff that to perform natural gas piping in commercial installation, alteration or repair, an entity must hold a South Carolina Mechanical Contractors license with a plumbing (PB) classification. A person holding an air conditioning (AC) heating (HT) or package equipment (PK) license may install natural gas piping for the HVAC equipment.


  • ALERT! CSLB Issues Industry Alert Regarding Scam Targeting Licensees and Applicants

  • FBI Alert: Potential Indicators of Terrorists Activities Related to Construction Sites (pdf)

  • Pending Application Status Check

  • S.C. Boiler Act Information

  • Change of Address form

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