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Active Renewals


(AAF. ANN) Announcer
(AAF. ANNW) Wrestling Announcer
(AAF. JUD) Judge
(AAF. MAT) Match Maker
(AAF. PREP) Promoter's Representative
(AAF. PRO) Promoter
(AAF. REF) Referee
(AAF. REFW) Wrestling Referee
(AAF. SEC) Second
(AAF. TK) TimeKeeper
(AAF. TRA) Trainer
(ABB. AMMA) Amateur Mixed Martial Arts
(ABB. KB) Kick Boxer
(ABB. MAUY) Muay Thai
(ABB. MMA) Mixed Martial Arts Boxer
(ABB. OTSB) Off The Street Boxer
(ABB. PB) Professional Boxer
(ABB. WRES) Wrestler


(BC) Barber College
(BI) Barber Instructor
(BMH) Master Hair Care
(BRB) Registered Barber
(BS) Barber Shop


(ES) Esthetician
(ES. INA) Inactive Esthetician
(IES) Instructor - Esthetician
(IES. INA) Inactive Instructor - Esthetician
(INT) Instructor - Nail Technician
(INT. INA) Inactive Instructor-Nail Technician
(IRC) Instructor - Registered Cosmetologist
(IRC. INA) Inactive Instructor - Registered Cosmetologist
(NT) Nail Technician
(NT. INA) Inactive Nail Technician
(RC) Registered Cosmetologist
(RC. INA) Inactive Registered Cosmetologist


(DGD. DS) Dental Specialist
(DGD. GD) General Dentist
(DH. DH) Dental Hygienist
(DH. IA) Dental Hygienist with IA
(DID. ID) Dental Instructor
(DIH. IH) Instructor Hygienist
(DIS. IS) Dental Instructor Specialist
(DOT. OT) Orthodontic Technician
(DT. DT) Dental Technician


(ENC. COA) Certificate of Authorization


(LAF) Landscape Firm
(LSA) Landscape Architect


(OT. OT) Occupational Therapist
(OTA. OTA) Occupational Therapy Assistant


(PH. PH) Pharmacist
(PH. PHI) Pharmacist Inactive
(PH. PIC) Pharmacist in Charge


(RBB) Home Builders
(RBB. RBW) RB Exam Waiver
(RBI) Home Builders Inspector


(PSC) Professional Soil Classifier


(AUD. AI) Audiologist Inactive
(AUD. AUD) Audiologist
(SLP. SI) Speech-Lang Pathologist Inactive
(SLP. SLP) Speech-Language Pathologist
(SLP. SPA) Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant


(VET. VET) Veterinarian
(VVT. LVT) Licensed Veterinary Technician

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