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South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Veterinary Students; New Graduates; Employment Verification for New Graduates; and Temporary Licenses

"Veterinary student preceptee” means a person who is a student enrolled and in good standing in a recognized college of veterinary medicine. The student's presence in a practice may be as part of a normal preceptorship program of the college or as an informal arrangement between the student and a veterinarian. The supervising veterinarian is fully responsible for all practice by a student during the period of immediate supervision and is subject to disciplinary action for any violation of the Act by the student. A student must identify himself or herself as an intern/student before practicing veterinary medicine.

Senior students and unlicensed graduates, as potential SC applicants who have not practiced for a period of sixty (60) days of clinical practice, must complete a sixty (60) day internship under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian in good standing in any state, territory or district of the United States or Canada. Sixty (60) days clinical practice is required.

Applicants who wish to come into South Carolina, and who are not completing the sixty 60 day internship through their school, must apply for a temporary license with "Employment Verification for New Graduates” through the Board's office. The "Employment Verification for New Graduates”, verified in writing and received by the Board showing the name, location of practice, will allow the applicant to practice under the direct supervision of a licensed South Carolina veterinarian in good standing with the Board.

The supervising veterinarian is fully responsible for all practice during the period of direct supervision of clinical practice in and is subject to disciplinary action for any violation of the Act by the graduate. A graduate with a temporary license must identify himself or herself as such before practicing veterinary medicine.

Temporary License 

A temporary license for new graduate may be issued to an applicant who cannot provide evidence sixty (60) days of clinical practice:

1.     who has filed a complete application with fee with the Board;

2.     has provided provide a certified copy of their transcript, indicating veterinary degree, by a college approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Graduates of veterinary medical schools outside of the United States and Canada are required to have certification by the AVMA Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) and shall submit proof of such certification being granted after December 1972 or Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education (PAVE) certification. Graduates of schools outside of the United States and Canada which are accredited by the AVMA after 1977 at the time of graduation shall be exempt from this requirement;

3.     has paid the required temporary license fee; and

4.     who is employed and under the direct supervision of a Board approved South Carolina veterinarian, verified in writing and received by the Board showing the name, location of practice and anticipated start date of employment; a employment verification for new graduates temporary license is not renewable and entitles the applicant to practice only until the Board has acted upon his/her application for permanent license, completes 60 days of clinical practice, and completes the online examination within 60 days. 

NOTE: A temporary license can be issued to a veterinarian holding a current and valid license in another state and who has been practicing for period of not less than sixty (60) days in another state postgraduation. They may practice under indirect supervision to gain the needed sixty (60) days of clinical practice.

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