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South Carolina Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

How to File a Complaint

General Information

Initial Complaint

Formal Complaint

Disciplinary Hearing

Final Order

Complaint Form

A. General Information 

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation may receive complaints against a licensee from any person, including the Board, and shall require the complaints to be submitted in writing, and signed by the complainant. In completing the form, the person making the complaint is referred to as the complainant. The individual the complaint is filed against is referred to as the respondent. Please state all facts briefly and clearly. Also include the (1) name and address of all witnesses and the specific information they possess to substantiate the complaint. Persons who file complaints receive written acknowledgement of receipt of their complaint. Upon completion of the complaint form, mail it, along with any attachments, to the address below. The complaint form may also be sent by fax to: (803) 896-4656.

S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Office of Investigations and Enforcement
Post Office Box 11329
Columbia, South Carolina 29211-1329

B. Initial Complaint 

The person who is the subject of the complaint must be provided a notice of the complaint including the substance of the allegations within five (5) days after the department begins its investigation. The department must submit its investigative findings to the Investigative Review Committee as provided in Section 40-69-20(8), along with any other additional information related to the investigation which may be requested by the IRC members.

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C. Formal Complaint 

If the department files a formal complaint, the formal complaint and any answer filed by the licensee must be made available for public inspection. The board administrator shall notify the licensee in writing not less than sixty (60) days before the disciplinary hearing.  Informal disposition may be made of any complaint, formal or otherwise, by Stipulation or Consent Agreement. No Stipulation or Consent Agreement is final until it has been submitted and approved by the Board.

D. Disciplinary Hearing 

A licensee has the right to be present and present evidence and argument on all issues involved, to present and to cross-examine witnesses and to be represented by counsel at the licensee's expense.

The complainant has the right to be present at any disciplinary hearing but may only participate as a witness. The disciplinary hearing must be open to the public. The Board may deliberate in executive session but must take any final action during the open session.

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E. Final Order

If the Board finds that the licensee has engaged in illegal, unethical or incompetent conduct, the Board will issue a Final Order, which includes a statement regarding the Board's decision and disciplinary actions/sanctions taken by the Board.

Complaint Form

To file a complaint with the Board, please click on the following link: Online Complaint Form.


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