Frequently Asked Questions

Name and Address Change:

Q: I have gotten married and need to change my name?
A: Complete Document 190 (listed on Fax on Demand) and submit with a fee of $10.00.

Q: How do I notify your office of my personal address change?
A: You can notify this office in writing or use the Online Services on the Internet.

Q: My company name/address has changed?
A: Complete Document 180 (listed on Fax on Demand) and submit with the correct fee.

Q: How can I get a duplicate copy of my license?
A: Submit a request by letter with the fee of $10.00 to this office.

General Application:

Q: Is residency in South Carolina required to receive a license in the state?
A: No. Residency is not required for licensure.

Q: I have taken and passed the exam - what should I do?
A: Submit your application, score report sheet and fees to this office.

Q: How long does it take to process an application?
A: Applications are processed within 5 to 10 business days.

Q: Where can I obtain a copy of the License Law Booklet and Applications?
A: This information is listed on the Real Estate webpage. The web address is: or by calling this office at (803) 896-4400.

Mandatory Continuing Education:

Q: I am a non- resident licensee and have satisfied the requirements for MCE in my state. Do I need to take courses in South Carolina?
A: No, however, if your resident state does not require any MCE, you must take South Carolina courses.

Q: How will I know when I need to take the MCE?
A: By checking the expiration date on your license. You must complete CE before renewing.

Q: I need to check on my continuing education hours?
A: The Real Estate commission does not track CE hours for individuals, you only submit them if you receive an audit letter from us. Just keep your hours in a file.

Q: How many CE hours are required?
A: 8 hours of CE are required in a 2 year period. Look at the expiration date on your license and count backwards 2 years. (If it shows 6/30/2007, then you have to have completed 8 hours of CE from July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2007) a minimum of 2 hours from a core area are required and 6 hours can be either core or elective hours.

Q: I complete my post licensing hour's will they count for my CE this renewal?
A: Yes, if this is the first time you are renewing your permanent real estate license then the post licensing hours will suffice. 

Q: I took GRI course to receive my GRI designation are the course good for CE?
A: All courses approved by the real estate education department are assigned a course number and prefix of CEC for core hour and CEE for elective hours or DEE for distant education electives. 
If your GRI course shows this information on the course certificate then it will be ok for CE. 

Q: I'm a non-resident; will the hours I took in my state suffice the CE requirement for SC?
A: If you hold a real estate license in the state you reside in and have meet the CE requirements for the state of your residence then yes the hours will suffice for SC. You do not have to mail any documentation of the hours, unless you receive an audit letter from us. 

Broker-In-Charge/Property Manager License:

Q: How do I transfer my license from one Broker-in-Charge to another Broker-in-Charge?
A: Licensees wishing to transfer from one Broker-in-Charge to another Broker-in-Charge must complete the transfer form (Document 200).

Q: What if I am unable to obtain the signature of the releasing Broker-in-Charge?
A: You will need to submit a letter of explanation with your request and be required to wait 5 working days from the date of receipt by the Commission or until the form is signed.

Q: I hold an active sales license - can I manage property?
A: Salespersons can manage property provided you are license with a Broker-in-Charge.