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South Carolina Board of Examiners in Psychology

Computerized EPPP Procedures for South Carolina Applicants

A. Application Procedures:

After the applicant's PAL has been approved by the Board, when the applicant is ready to sit for the EPPP, the applicant notifies the Board in writing.The Board then transmits a list of approved candidates the ("Eligibility List”) to PES.

PES then sends each Candidate on the Eligibility List application materials, including, the computer-scannable EPPP application form (the "Application Form”).Candidates will be instructed to return completed application materials to PES. Included with the completed Application Form will be the "Examination Fee.” Acceptable forms of payment of the Examination Fee are: certified check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard. In the case of a payment made by certified check or money order, the payee must be Professional Examination Service. In the case of payment by VISA or MasterCard, such payment will include authorization for PES to charge said Visa or MasterCard. If a candidate's Application Form is incomplete and/or incorrect, PES will return it to the Candidate for completion and/or correction. Any Application Form that is not accompanied by payment of the Examination Fee will be deemed to be incomplete, and returned to the Candidate.

Candidates may take the Examination two (2) times in any twelve (12) month period. There is a sixty (60) day waiting period required between administrations.

PES will send a letter to each Candidate for whom it has scanned an Application Form informing the Candidate of his/her authorization to sit for the Examination (the "Authorization to Test Letter” or "ATT”). The ATT will contain Prometric's toll-free telephone number for use in scheduling an Examination appointment, as well as instructions on the scheduling process.Each Candidate will be required to submit the "Computer Based Testing Fee,” of $65.00, directly to Prometric. Candidates failing to submit the Computer Based Testing Fee to Prometric (either by Visa/MasterCard or debit from a demand deposit account) at the time the appointment to sit for the Examination is scheduled will not be permitted to schedule such appointment.Prometric test centers in South Carolina include the following: Columbia, Charleston, Greenville and Myrtle Beach.

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Candidates must schedule and sit for the Examination within sixty (60) days of the date on the Authorization to Test Letter (the "Eligibility Period”). If the Candidate fails to schedule and sit for the Examination within the sixty (60) day Eligibility Period, he/she will be automatically removed from the Eligibility List.

Candidates declared ineligible to take an Examination because of their failure to schedule to sit for the Examination before the end of their sixty (60) day Eligibility Period will be required to resubmit their applications along with the Examination Fee. Under no circumstances will the Eligibility Period be extended.

Candidates may reschedule to take the Examination by Noon 12:00 P.M. two (2) working days prior to the scheduled Examination date by calling Prometric's Candidate Services Call Center using the toll-free telephone number.

Candidates who fail to give the required two (2) working days notice to Prometric of their intention to reschedule an Examination, and fail to sit for the Examination as scheduled, will forfeit their Computer Based Testing Fee. In order to sit for the Examination, such Candidates will be required to begin the application process again including payment of the Computer Based Testing Fee and the Examination Fee. The application materials sent to Candidates will contain information regarding fees.

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B. Examination Administration Procedures:

Candidates will be instructed to arrive at the PTC at which they have scheduled to take the Examination fifteen (15) minutes prior to their scheduled appointment. At the PTC, Candidates will be asked to show "proof-of-identity.” Proof-of-Identity can be shown by the Candidate by presenting a government-issued identification that bears a current photo of the Candidate (e.g., passport, driver's license, etc...), and a second piece of identification which must contain the Candidate's signature (e.g., credit card, school identification).

Prior to sitting for an Examination, Candidates will be photographed at the PTC. All Examination sessions are videotaped.

Candidates will have four (4) hours and fifteen (15) minutes to take the Examination. Prior to an Examination beginning, a tutorial will be presented to familiarize the Candidate with the Examination's format as well as computer based testing. During the Examination, Candidates can move forward or backward between items, and if they choose, mark items for later review.

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C. Examination Scoring Score Reports:

Candidates' pass/fail status will not be available to Candidates at the PTC. The Candidates' score will be sent to the Board within one (1) month.

The Board will be responsible for distributing individual pass/fail results to its Candidates.

D. The South Carolina Board's passing scaled score for the computerized examination is 500. This scaled score of 500 is equivalent to the criterion-referenced passing score of 140 (70%) which was applied to the anchor form of the examination and was adopted by the ASPPB as a recommended passing score for independent practice as a psychologist.

Candidates may take the examination two times in any 12 month period. There is a 60 day waiting period required between administrations.

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