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South Carolina Board of Registration for Geologists

Reinstatement and Renewal

SECTION 40-77-300. Reinstatement of expired or suspended certificate; replacement certificates.

The board may reinstate a certificate of registration to a person whose registration has expired or has been suspended if three or more members of the board vote in favor of reinstatement. A new certificate of registration to replace a certificate revoked, lost, destroyed, or mutilated may be issued, subject to the regulations of the board, and payment of a fee determined by the board in regulation.

131-10. Requirements for Renewal/Reactivation of Expired or Lapsed Registrations. [S.C. ADC 131-10]

(A) All applications for renewal shall be filed with the Board prior to June thirtieth (30th) each year. Renewal applications must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and a statement attesting to the required number of continuing education credits (CEC) per biennium. Registered professional geologists who have not properly renewed their registration for failure to complete the required CEC and/or failure to submit the appropriate renewal fee must apply for late renewal during a six (6) month penalty period following the expiration date. Late renewal applications must be accompanied by documentation, if applicable, indicating completion of the required CEC's as specified in Regulation 131-11 and a fee equal to the annual renewal fee plus fifty percent (50%) penalty fee. Registrants undergoing late renewal are not authorized to conduct the public practice of geology until their renewal is completed and the registrant receives written notice from the Board that their registration is renewed.

(B) A registrant whose registration has been expired or lapsed for five (5) years or less may reactivate the registration upon submission of an application on a form approved by the Board, along with the required fee and evidence of CEC for each biennium during which the registration was expired, not to exceed thirty-two (32) hours and the submission of a notarized statement that the registrant has not engaged in the practice of geology in this State during the time the registration was expired or lapsed.

(C) The Board may require a registrant whose registration has been expired or lapsed for more than five (5) years to apply and qualify as if never registered in this State.

How to Apply for Reinstatement

1.         Submit an updated Application for Registered Professional Geologist and the Affidavit of Eligibility, along with a notarized statement that the registrant has not engaged in the practice of geology in this State during the time the registration was expired or lapsed.

2.         Submit an updated Employment Verification form.

3.         Provide proof of 32 hours of Continuing Education (attendance documents), along with a completed Continuing Education Submission Form.

4.         Reinstatement fee of $300 plus past renewal fees and late fees.  Submit check or money order payable to LLR-Geology Board.

5.         All reinstatement applications must be reviewed and approved by the full Board during a regularly scheduled meeting.

The Application, Employment Verification form, and CE Submission form are located under the "Applications/Forms Section of the website.

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