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South Carolina Board of Environmental Certification

Continuing Education Guidelines for Bottled Water Operators

Between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2019 every operator must obtain a total of 12 hours (clock hours) of continuing education or pass the state examination. Operators should keep records of all courses attended. When you receive your renewal form in 2019, you will have to attest to having completed the continuing education requirement.

Continuing education can be obtained from schools, workshops, seminars, conferences, online training, and/or in-house training sessions.

For continuing education to be accepted by the Board, the following guidelines must be followed.

  1. Continuing education must be information that is relevant to bottled water operators. Examples of relevant courses include: water treatment system operations, safety, operation and maintenance of equipment, math, water chlorination, and attendance at an International Bottled Water Association meeting or conference.
  2. The instructor or presenter must be able to provide an agenda or outline of the training content.
  3. Participants must be able to interact with the instructor or presenter through discussion, telephone, or e-mail.
  4. Participants must be able to verify participation with appropriate documentation, i.e. certificate of completion containing appropriate information as outlined above and/or copy of sign-in sheet containing participant’s signature.

After the renewal period, the Board will conduct a random audit for compliance with the CE requirement. If you are selected in the audit, you will be notified by the Board to submit proof of your CE hours.

CE Credit WILL NOT be given for:

  1. Business and marketing training
  2. Membership in a professional society
  3. Reading professional publications
  4. Regular employment
  5. Self-study
  6. Personal self-improvement
  7. Operating trade show displays
  8. Repetitive (refresher) attendance or teaching of the same course
  9. First aid, CPR, or defensive driving

CE Provider Guidelines – providers must be able to:

  1. Maintain record of attendance or completion
  2. Be available to interact with attendees or students through discussion, telephone or email
  3. Provide agenda or outline of event for LLR audit review
  4. Retain records of events for a minimum of three years
  5. Provide appropriate event documentation upon Board request

Information Required if Audited for Continuing Education by the Board

  1. Name, date, duration of training, and total number of clock hours
  2. Name of instructor
  3. For multiple courses; breakout the course and corresponding CEUs
  4. Verification of attendance
  5. Outline or agenda of course/event content
  6. Completed CE Log Sheet (available at)

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