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South Carolina Contractor's Licensing Board

Construction Management Policy

A construction manager is an entity, which may be an organization, team of organizations, or individual, with the expertise and resources to provide construction management services. This entity is working for a fee for the project owner. The manager's duties are to supervise and coordinate the work of design professionals and multiple prime contractors while allowing the design professionals and contractors to control individual operations and the manner of design and construction. Construction management is the process of professional management applied to a construction project from the project inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost, scope, and quality. All contracts for design or any construction services are directly with the owner and not with the construction manager. The construction manager provides professional services to the owner by organizing the effort, develops the management plan, monitors the participants' progress against the plan, and identifies actions to be taken in the event of deviance from the plan.

In order to be a construction manager, you must be licensed as a South Carolina general or mechanical contractor, architect, or engineer. The applicant seeking to be listed as a construction manager must designate one of the aforementioned licenses to qualify for the practice as a construction manager. An architect or engineer licensed in South Carolina who is monitoring the execution of design plans or who is performing as an on-site representative for construction quality assurance, or both, for a project owner is not considered a construction manager as defined in the Chapter 11. Architects and engineers may not lawfully assume the role of a general or mechanical contractor as defined in the Code unless properly licensed pursuant to the Code. Construction managers must not perform design work themselves unless properly licensed as an architect or engineer. Construction managers may hire or terminate the various design professionals and prime contractors with the direction and approval of the owner.

Entities performing construction and construction management work on the same project must be treated as general or mechanical contractors rather than construction managers and must be licensed as general and/or mechanical contractors.

Any entity currently licensed with the State of South Carolina that has a general, mechanical, architect, or engineer's license and performs construction management work in this state must submit to the board a letter of intent to be a construction manager. The entity must also submit a financial statement to meet the financial requirements as set forth in Section 40-11-260.

In conclusion, construction managers apply and integrate comprehensive project controls to manage the critical issues of time, cost, scope, and quality. They are employed to meet the owner's specific needs and interests in the project.

If you want to be listed as a construction manager and can meet the financial requirements above, download the application from this link, Construction Manager Registration Application, Document #120, or call the Contractor's Licensing Board at (803) 896-4406 or (803) 896-4686 and ask for the Construction Manager Application, or you may fax your request to (803) 896-4701.


Russell C. Ashmore, Jr


Approved July 20, 2000

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