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South Carolina Building Codes Council

Requirements for Approval and Licensure For the Modular Industry

An entity performing plans review or in-plant inspection services for a manufacturer of modular buildings sold or shipped into South Carolina, is known as an "Approved Inspection Agency” (referred to in the industry as a "Third Party”). A modular building manufacturer is an entity that builds structures in a factory, other than manufactured (mobile) homes, and transports them to a building site for erection. A manufacturer's sales representative is an individual employed by a modular building manufacturer, who sells modular buildings for the manufacturer. A manufacturer's sales representative must be a direct employee of the manufacturer and can only sell buildings to consumers homebuilders and general contractors.

The Modular Building Program requires all entities functioning as third party inspection agencies to be approved, and all manufacturers and factory sales representatives to be licensed, before they may provide their services or products in the state. Renewals are issued for a two-year time period. A request for a license or approval that cannot be issued at staff level may be appealed to the Building Codes Council.

A request for approval or licensure must be on a License Application Form and meet certain criteria. The following items are required to obtain a license or approval.

Manufacturer's license:
1. A completed and signed Application.

2. A surety bond in the amount of $75,000 per year, made in favour of the S.C. Building Codes Council, or a $1,000,000 product liability insurance policy with an original certificate issued to the Council.

3. A fee of $500 if 24 or less units will be shipped into South Carolina within one year or $1,500 if 25 or more units will be shipped into South Carolina within one year.

4. An annual plan maintenance fee of $100.

Manufacturer's representative license:
1. A completed and signed Application.
2. A surety bond in the amount of $10,000 per year, made in favour of the S.C. Building Codes Council, or be named on the manufacturer's $1,000,000 product liability insurance policy.
3. A fee of $200.

Inspection Agency Approval:

1. A completed and signed Application.

2. A prospectus detailing its capabilities to perform as an inspection agency.

3. Its qualifications to inspect equipment and systems.

4. An affidavit stating that the organization is not controlled by any manufacturer or supplier subject to the Council's jurisdiction; that it will make available specific information as required by the Council; that it retains a building construction oriented South Carolina registered professional engineer or architect who shall be responsible for compliance with the Council's regulations; its organizational structure; the education and qualification of the employees to be doing the actual inspection and plan review; its agreement to perform inspections at the frequency specified in the program regulations; and proof that all personnel performing inspections are certified by the Southern Building Code Congress International, Incorporated, the International Conference of Building Officials, the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, the International Code Council or a testing agency recognized by the Council.

5. For initial applications, a reviewing fee of $125 and for renewals a fee of $100.

NOTE! All fees must be paid at the time of submittal of the application, and are nonrefundable. All checks must be made payable to the South Carolina Building Codes Council.

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