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South Carolina Board of Accountancy

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Experience Requirements

Section 40-2-35(G) states:

F. An applicant may demonstrate experience as follows:

(1) Experience may be gained in either full-time or part-time employment. Two thousand hours of part-time accounting experience is equivalent to one year. Experience may not accrue more rapidly than forty hours per week.

(2) The five years of teaching experience provided for in Section 40-2-35(A)(4)(b) consists of five years of full-time teaching of accounting courses at a college or university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or another regional accrediting association having equivalent standards or an independent senior college in South Carolina certified by the State Department of Education for teacher training.

(a) In order for teaching experience to qualify as full-time teaching, the applicant must have been employed on a full-time basis as defined by the educational institution where the experience was obtained; however, teaching less than twelve semester hours per year, or the equivalent in quarter hours, must not be considered as full-time teaching experience.

(b) Experience credit for teaching on a part-time basis qualifies on a pro rata basis based upon the number of semester hours required for full-time teaching at the educational institution where the teaching experience was obtained.

(c) Teaching experience may not accrue more rapidly than elapsed chronological time.

(d) An applicant must not be granted credit for full-time teaching completed in less than one academic year.

(e) An applicant must not be granted more than one full-time teaching year credit for teaching completed within one calendar year.

(f) Teaching experience must not be granted for teaching subjects outside the field of accounting. Subjects considered to be outside the field of accounting include, but are not limited to, business law, finance, computer applications, personnel management, economics, and statistics.

(g) Of the five years of full-time teaching experience, credit for teaching accounting principles courses or fundamental accounting (below
intermediate accounting) may not exceed two full-time teaching years and the remaining three full-time teaching years' experience must be obtained in teaching courses above accounting principles.

(h) Accounting courses considered to be above accounting principles include, but are not limited to, intermediate accounting, advanced accounting, auditing, income tax, financial accounting, management accounting, and cost accounting.

(i) Experience other than public accounting experience counts only in proportion to duties which, in the opinion of the board, contribute to competence in public accounting.

(j) The board may require other information as it considers necessary to determine the acceptability of experience including, but not limited to, review of work papers and other work products, review of time records, and interviews with applicants and supervisors.

(3) For purposes of this subsection, 'experience' shall have the same meaning as 'appropriate experience' in Section 40-2-35(A)(4); however, if the applicant shall have obtained the experience seven or more years before submitting an application, the applicant shall have an additional six months of experience within two years before submitting the application.

Regulation 1-01 states:

(D) Until the licensee candidate has completed twenty four (24) semester hours of acceptable accounting education as described in 40-2-35(D)(3)(a), the candidate cannot earn qualifying experience for licensure.

Complete a Certificate of Experience Package (Form 2102) for each employer that makes up your 1 year of experience.
If your supervisor is licensed in any of the other 55 US jurisdictions, other than South Carolina, you will need to partially complete the Employer's Licensure Verification and mail it to the state board where they hold their license.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information.

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