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Dispute Mediation

Our Mediator is available, at the request of the parties to a dispute, to assist in the resolution of disputes. Our Mediator has a high success rate in mediating dispute situations without a work stoppage occurring. Once both parties agree that a Mediator is needed and makes a request to this office, a Mediator is available to the parties until the dispute is resolved or until it is agreed by all parties that no resolution can be reached. We work in conjunction with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, or alone, as the situation dictates.

Grievance Mediation

Grievance Mediation is a process through which a union and employer, assisted by a Mediator, seeks to resolve grievances without resorting to binding arbitration. Grievance Mediation is typically used only after other pre-arbitration steps in the collective bargaining process have been exhausted.

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