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Disinterred Caskets
With extreme weather threatening our state, the potential exists that some caskets in South Carolina may be disinterred.
If a casket becomes disinterred, please secure the casket and immediately report it to the local county coroner.
Once the flood waters recede, the caskets should be reinterred, and this is the responsibility of the cemetery owner.

Elevator Owners and Operators
Due to potential high winds and flooding during extreme weather:
  • Park elevators on at least the second floor above ground
  • Secure windows, doors, and ventilation in hoistways and machine rooms
  • Take precautions to prevent the intrusion of water into elevator hoistways and machine rooms
  • If possible, remove power to the equipment until after the severe weather passes
The Office of Elevators and Amusement Rides encourages the owner to contact the elevator service company for specific guidelines.

Amusement Ride Owners
During extreme weather, please remember that the manufacturer of an amusement ride or device will have
recommendations regarding the safe operation of amusement devices in certain environmental conditions,
including strong winds and rain. South Carolina law requires that amusement owners operate amusement devices safely.
Use caution and remember:
  • Secure rides against possible winds
  • Do not operate in high winds/rain/temperature fluctuation/severe weather
The S.C. Board of Pharmacy offers the following tips to pharmacists for protecting a pharmacy before, during and after extreme weather.

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