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Licensees Can Help SC Stand Up Against Domestic Violence

On January 29, 2015, Governor Nikki Haley established the Domestic Violence Task Force through Executive Order 2015-04. The Task Force was charged with tackling the cultural issues surrounding domestic violence in the State of South Carolina. The Governor created three divisions within the Task Force to recommend changes to improve vital areas that affect domestic violence: the Criminal Justice Division; the Victim and Offender Services Division; and the Community Awareness, Education, and Outreach Division. The Task Force issued 50 recommendations to improve the lives of South Carolina citizens impacted by domestic violence. The recommendations can be found at:

Richele Taylor, Director of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR), chaired the Community Awareness, Education and Outreach Division, serving alongside representatives from many of LLR’s professional boards. The Division surveyed professional occupations, and found that only a small proportion of licensees within each occupation receive training on how to identify and assist suspected domestic violence victims and alleged batterers encountered in their professions. Further, many professionals are unsure how to help victims.

LLR is working with professionals to close these gaps. LLR has created a free professional’s guide to domestic violence services, Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Resources, that lists national, state, and local services professionals can contact to find help for their clients, or discuss with their clients. LLR also has created regional brochures, Let Your Voice Be Heard (A guide to services available to empower victims of domestic violence), that can be placed in public waiting areas or given directly to clients. These brochures can be downloaded for free below.

Professionals' Guide

Regional Brochures

Professional Training

While brochures provide great resources, LLR recognizes more is needed to assist professionals as they help victims of domestic violence. Many professionals commented they do not know how best to help a suspected victim, or how to approach the topic. Continuing education classes, already a requirement for professionals, can assist in filling this gap.

Existing classes are already available that meet the standards established by LLR’s various boards. LLR is working with its professional and occupational licensing boards to highlight and make available existing and relevant domestic violence classes for specific professions and occupations, beginning with the nine boards listed below. Click the links to see how these boards support education in this arena and what progress is being made.

Board of Cosmetology

Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Psycho-Educational Specialists

Board of Dentistry

Board of Medical Examiners

Board of Nursing

Board of Occupational Therapy

Board of Pharmacy

Board of Physical Therapy

Board of Examiners in Psychology

Board of Social Work Examiners

Board of Examiners in Speech-Langage Pathology and Audiology

If you, as a licensee, have requests for additional resources or know of additional services/training, please contact us at: domesticviolence@llr.sc.gov

LLR looks forward to continually updating this information and adding more boards to help combat domestic violence in South Carolina. Together, we can help victims of domestic violence let their voices be heard.

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