January 2008

Board Prepares to Draft Regulations for Legislative Review in 2009

The Board is working to finalize language for proposed changes to the regulations in 2009. Proposed changes include (but are not limited to) revisions to the Minimum Standards for Surveying (see article below), deleting language already in the statutes, and clarifying requirements for acceptable work experience. Once the proposed language is final, we will post the proposed changes on the Board's website. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Minimum Standards of Surveying

Because new statutes governing engineering and surveying in the state of South Carolina were passed by the Legislature this past summer, it is now necessary to revise the regulations that go along with the statutes. "The Minimum Standards Manual for the Practice of Land Surveying in South Carolina" is a part of these regulations. Therefore, the Board has undertaken a review of current standards to determine changes that should be made.

Currently, our standards do not address the practice of Photogrammetric Surveying or GIS Surveying. These two branches of surveying were incorporated into our law in 2001. Our current standards also do not address GPS technology. Any revisions to the Minimum Standards need to address these issues. The Board is currently gathering information to incorporate into the standards to address these situations. While our Minimum Standards have been functioning well and seem to be generally sufficient to protect the public health, safety and welfare, there may be some components of the standards that need to be reviewed and updated. The Board would greatly appreciate input from both the general public and from professional surveyors across the state on this matter.

Please review our current Minimum Standards carefully and forward written comments to Gene Dinkins, Thurl Amick or Board Administrator Jan Simpson by March 1, 2008. It would be very helpful if all comments reference the current section number of the standards. You can review the "Minimum Standards Manual" on the Board's website. Dinkins may be reached at gdinkins@coxanddinkins.com and at tamick@bpbarber.com.

Please keep in mind that it is not our intention to have a major overhaul to our Minimum Standards unless it is deemed necessary during this review process. We would like to thank everyone in advance for their assistance in this very important matter.